Sunday, October 18, 2009

Vendor Profile: Una


Shop description: As with most creative endeavors, Una began as a brainchild. When the line eventually launched at the end of 2007, the idea was to stitch not-basic pieces in organic cotton or reclaimed fabric and then trim it with vintage buttons, lace, or a simple screen print. The other objective was to focus on small-scale, local production. For the most part, it's me. One girl. When I chose the name, Una, I selected it because in Spanish it is simply the female form of "one". But in Latin it also means "in one together". A much more powerful notion and not as lonely as I originally thought it might be. By producing and selling my pieces locally, I have had the opportunity to connect with the community on a more intimate level, meeting a lot of inspiring people along the way.
(It is after all, about the journey.)

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