Sunday, October 11, 2009

Let's Get Started!

Greetings, fellow independent online retailers!

I'm writing to invite you to participate in an online Benefit Bazaar to help raise funds for a converted (wheelchair) van for a hardworking single mom in Portland, Oregon. Chloe Eudaly is the proprietress of Reading Frenzy, a disability advocate, and the proud mom of an amazing kid who happens to get around in a wheelchair. They’re more than halfway to funding a used converted van (The van is approx. $45,000) and are now turning to family, friends and the broader community to help raise the rest (We have about $19,500 to go.).

Henry has a great life with his mom, and his dad, who he lives with part-time, and most of his medical needs are covered through insurance and a Medicaid waiver, including the cost of a van conversion. However, first they need a van to convert! It’s been a struggle to keep her business going as Chloe was unable to return to work full-time for several years in order to tend to Henry’s needs, which is why she’s not in a position to finance the van herself.

Chloe currently drives a 20-year-old Toyota Corolla, and has to lift and transfer Henry and his chair in and out of the car, which is becoming more and more challenging as Henry grows. Their lack of adequate transportation is cutting down on what they’re able to accomplish in a day -- errands, appointments, recreation and social opportunities -- and has kept them from traveling any distance for the past few years (Henry has too much equipment to take for trips in their compact car). Henry is rapidly outgrowing his current wheelchair and when he does the new one won't fit in their car, so time is off the essence!

If you know Chloe, then you know how hard she works to encourage and support her community in Portland, Oregon. If you're not from Portland, or are unfamiliar with Chloe's shop, Reading Frenzy, check out the "About" page on the website.

For the online bazaar, we're asking that you contribute 10-30% of sales generated through the bazaar for a 2-week period starting on Sunday, October 18 and ending on Saturday, October 31. This event will be promoted to thousands of d.i.y. enthusiasts by Chloe, Torie and Cathy from Crafty Wonderland and me, Mary Hayward of KitKnitty. Not only is this a great cause to support, but it’s a great way to start promoting your holiday sales.

If you want to learn more as the event approaches, you can register for our RSS feeds on the site or follow us on our Facebook or Twitter page.

If you have any questions about this event or suggestions for people/websites to contact or ways to make this event more successful, feel free to contact me at WheelsForHenry [@] gmail [dot] com.

Thank you so much for your time. Hope you'll join us for our fundraising event!

Best wishes,


  1. Hello!
    I'm so glad you're doing this! I just ahred it on my Facebook page, but I'm not sure how it works exzctly. Do shoppers just go to the vendors website and shop and then does a ll perxcentage of all the proceeds go to Wheels for Henry, or do they need to earmark their purchase somehow so that the vendor know they learned about it through Wheels for Henry?


  2. I am going to post this on my facebook page!

  3. Now:
    Consider a portable ramp through ATI for $95 (503) 361-1201. Also look at Portable Travel Hoyer Lifts-suitcase size ~56lbs.
    Here are some resources that may help, or to try for a new low cost or good used van:
    1.Access Technologies: (503) 361-1201 or (1-800) 677-7512
    2.Adaptive Eq. Funding: Check The Bike Rack/Creative Mobility (1-800) 711-BIKE or
    3.Disabled Dealer of the NW: (1-800) 854-4176
    4.Modest Needs Charity: (212) 463-7042 or
    5.United Healthcare Children’s Foundation: (1-800) 328-5979 x24459
    6.Honda Odyssey: Limited Time Offer $4,500 cash back (1-800) 348-8267 x2401
    7.Compassionate Allowances-SS Online (1-800) 772-1213
    8.Performance Mobility: New & Used W/C Vans (503) 243-2940
    R, Susan

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