Friday, July 2, 2010

Henry Has Almost Got His Wheels!

Wheels for Henry has been lying dormant since the valiant efforts of one Mary Hayward and the 50+ crafters and friends who helped us raise over $4,000 last winter! That left us about $15,500 shy of our goal, a daunting figure that I had to walk away from for a bit while I dealt with more pressing matters. Several months later and I've got a bigger kid in a considerably bigger wheelchair and the same sardine can car, which has really put a damper on our gadding about town.

The recent state budget cuts have lit a fire underneath me though. The sad and scary fact of the matter is that we could lose all the supports we've had for the past year or so (including $$ for the conversion part of the van) in the next fiscal year, so we need to use it or quite possibly lose it. At the same time I also discovered that the full cost of the conversion is not covered as I was previously advised, which set us back another $6,500. But here's the good news: I've found a really nice 2006 Toyota Sienna with a used conversion and a family member has graciously agreed to co-sign a loan for the balance, so it looks like we should have a van sometime this month!

This is going to leave me with a hefty monthly payment, but rather than wait until we have every penny I've decided to take a leap of faith and trust that it will come together as needed (and my back can't really wait any longer). We're looking into setting up a Wheels for Henry night at a local restaurant, perhaps we'll do another online craft sale, and maybe if I can pull it off, a big dance party/benefit!

I'll keep you *posted*


P.S. Photo courtesy of Henthorn. Please note: this is not our van but it is still pretty awesome!